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Types of Fishing Rods

July 22, 2015


A fishing rod is a long and flexible material used to catch fish and can be made of bamboo, carbon fibers or fiberglass. There are various types of fishing rods, which differ both in make and the way they operate. The types of rods for fishing include:

Carbon Fiber Rods

They are made of carbon fibers. They are therefore stiff and brittle, which implies that they can break easily if not handled well. Because of the material used, the rods can be made faster and longer. They can also be made into smaller diameters, making the rod more sensitive. Being light, they can be used for longer periods during fishing.

Fly Rods

A fly rod is usually used to cast an artificial fly because of its thin and flexible properties. It has a hook put together with foam, feathers, fur or synthetic materials for modern ones. The modern rods are made using graphite, boron composite or fiberglass, which are man made materials. The more stylish fly rods are made from classic bamboo rods. It uses the weight of a fly line for casting. The fly line is tied to the mono filament on one end and the artificial fly on another end.

Tenkara Rods

The name is derived from where it is used in Japan. This type of fishing rod is a combination of telescopic, carbon and fly rods, all in one. They are 11-13 feet long with very tender actions, standardized on both stiffness and flexibility. They also feature a cork and wooden handle. The latter is more costly as it is sensitive to fish bites and has a heavy feel that helps balance the rod. It’s a fixed line with no guide and no reel; it is tied directly to the rod. This gives it precise positioning of the fly, leading to a big catch due to accurate feeding by the fish.

Spin and Bait-casting Rods

It holds a spin casting reel, which is mounted over the handle. It’s also fitted with a forefinger grip lever or trigger together with a spin-casting rod. They have close similarity to bait-casting rods to the extent that they can share some parts like the reel. The rods are suited to fit particular fishing styles. Casting rods are typically more powerful than the spinning kinds, as they can manage heavier cover and use heavier lines.

Ultra-light Rods

They are designed for catching small fish species. They provide the options of fishing with smaller lures and lighter lines. They are generally shorter, limber and lighter than the other types of fishing rods. They have varied tip actions, depending on particular intended use. Though the original intended purpose was for sports, it’s now used to catch varieties of fish like bass, bluegill, perch, roach and crappie, among others.

Ice Rods

These types of fishing rods are tiny and short spinning rods, made of stiff pieces of wood fitted with twin line guides, wooden handles and two opposing hooks. They are preferably used in ponds and lakes frozen with ice for fishing purposes.

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